IRCSA is the main international association for rainwater harvesting. When you join IRCSA you join a partnership of like minded people in over 70 countries, with a vast collective experience in rainwater harvesting in all its forms. Members of IRCSA are also at the forefront of policy formation and bringing rainwater harvesting into the mainstream of water technologies. Our membership includes researchers and practitioners and others working with rainwater catchment systems.

Member Services

Access to full Conference Proceedings

The semi-annual conferences represent a quarter of a century of experience in rainwater catchment. Over 1000 papers have been presented from all over the world. While non-members can access abstracts of the papers presented, IRCSA members can access all papers presented at all 13 rainwater catchment conferences.

Contact details of all members

The members of IRCSA form a large body of knowledge on rainwater catchment in all its forms. Members have access to a list of other member’s contact details as well as each member’s interest and activities in rainwater catchment.

Discounted conference fees

IRCSA members are entitled to reduced fees to attend the bi-annual IRCSA conference.

How to join

Online Registrations

Register Online

By post
To join IRCSA by post download the pdf form and send it to IRCSA along with a US dollar check for your dues.

Online using PayPal
If you have access to a credit card or can use e-checks and are resident in countries that are accepted by PayPal, you can join online. To join online dues must be paid online using the PayPal system (about Paypal). Online registration will allow instant use of the members area of the IRCSA site.
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