January 2004
ADB Water Week: A Networking Opportunity for IRCSA

A Water Week was organized by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), and held at its headquarters in Manila, Philippines from 26 – 30 January 2004. It aimed to catalyze the implementation of its water policy ‘Water for All’, and the theme of the week was “Water for the Poor – Setting the Rules and Finding the Money”.

The objectives were to stimulate knowledge and information sharing on critical water sector issues, facilitate a change in mindsets, and promote good policies and sector reforms. The week was structured with three days featuring a focused program of themed sessions to capture priority issues and changes in water financing and governance. The week also included field trips, side meetings and NGO Dialogues.

The main daily session themes are outlined as follows;

Session 1: Understanding Why the Poor Don’t Get What They Need
Session 2: Making Watershed Changes in Governance and Financing for the Poor
Session 3: Deciding on Water for the Poor: Conclusion on Better Practices

IRCSA was introduced to key water professioanls in Asian countries like Bangladesh, Thailand, India, Lao, Nepal, Malaysia and Indonesia. IRCSA brochures were distributed.

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